Antique Primitive Carpenter's Tool Chest in Old Paint

Item #: G5040

Description: Hinged panel lid tool box. Lid having tool holders on interior. Chest interior with 2 removable tool/hardware trays and tool holders. Wrought iron bail handles. Old blue/green painted exterior.

Materials: Painted pine. Wrought iron handles.

Dimensions: Height: 15-1/4". Width: 31". Depth: 20-3/4".

Locality and Period: American. c.1875.

Comments:  Intact fitted interior with trays and tool holders. Vivid blue/green painted exterior.

Price: ***SOLD***

Antique Rosewood & Brass Inlaid Lap Desk Circa 1850

Item #: G5004

Description: Rosewood construction with intricate brass inlaid decoration. Hinged lid opens to writing slant having tooled leather writing surface. Lower storage compartment for storing stationery and envelopes. Upper compartment with inkwell and writing utensil crib. Spring loaded secret compartment conceals 2 small drawers. Original lock with maker's mark "J BRAMAH, 124 PICCADILLY" (London).

Materials: Rosewood. Brass Inlay.

Dimensions: Height: 4-3/4". Width: 14". Depth: 9-1/2".

Locality and Period: England or America. c.1850.

Comments:   Very much used as officer's field desks during American Civil War. Note some minor missing brass filigree trim.

Price: $295.00

Antique Metal Toleware Spice Box & Containers

Item #: G5008

Description: Toleware metal, hinged lid box with bail handle. Interior contains six dome lid spice containers marked: GINGER, MACE, ALLSPICE, CINNAMON, CLOVES, NUTMEGS.
Materials: Toleware metal.

Dimensions: Height: 3-3/4". Width: 9-1/2". Depth: 6-1/2".

Locality and Period: America. c.1900.

Comments:  Tight fitting lid containers for storing valuable spices. 

Price: $59.00

Antique Rosewood Casket Tea Caddy Circa 1800

Item #: G4894

Description: Casket shaped box with locking, hinged lid. Interior with 3 storage compartments with 2 lidded tea boxes and glass sugar bowl. Inlaid key escutcheon. Turned side handles. Turned bun feet.

Materials: Rosewood. Various secondary.

Dimensions: Height: 7-1/4". Width: 13-1/2". Depth: 6-1/2".

Locality and Period: England or America. c.1800.

Comments:  Popular in better English and Federal Period American homes to store and serve tea. Beautiful figured rosewood. 1 side handle replaced. 

Price: ***SOLD***

Antique Inlaid Mahogany Liquor Decanter Box & Key c.1810

Item #: G4947

Description: Hinged, locking lid, figured mahogany box with inlaid banding. Interior with 3 compartments for storing liquor decanters. Inlaid key escutcheon and original key.

Materials: Mahogany. Brass hardware and lock.

Dimensions: Height: 8". Width: 15". Depth: 8-1/2".

Locality and Period: American. c.1810.

Comments:  Beautiful figured mahogany with original lock and key.

Price: $195.00

Primitive Pine "Fiddle Case" in Old Blue Paint
Item #:
Description: Painted pine box with fitted lid to house a fiddle and bow.
Materials: Painted pine.
Dimensions: Height: 9-3/4". Width: 26". Depth: 4-3/4".
Locality and Period: Found in Missouri. c.1880.
Comments: Very unusual piece in nice old original blue milk paint finish. Showing wear and some paint loss.
Price: $59.00

English Regency Rosewood Letter Box
Item #:
Description: Canterbury style letter box with open sides.  Hinged, locking lid with 2 slots adorned with engraved mother-of-pearl inlay, one for "Answered" letters and the other for "Unanswered" letters. Box stands on four turned bun feet and is topped with a lovely  turned handle. Complete with a working key.
Materials: Rosewood. Mother-of-Pearl inlays. Brass hinges & lock.
Dimensions: Height: 6-1/4". Width: 10-3/8". Depth: 5-5/8".
Locality and Period: England. c.1810-20.
Comments: Used to organize household correspondences, this rare gem crafted in distinctly grained rosewood remains in very good condition.
Price: $595.00 NOW: $395.00

Green Painted Primitive Wooden Tool Box
Item #:
Description: Wooden tool box with hinged drop front revealing 2 drawers and tool storage area. Old olive green paint.
Materials: Various woods. Iron hinges and handle. Porcelain drawer pulls. 
Dimensions: Height: 15-1/2". Width: 20-1/4". Depth: 8-3/4".
Locality and Period: Found in Missouri. c. 1900.
Comments: One of a kind hand made tool box with old green paint.
Price: $149.00

Automaton Musical Tantalus Liquor Set
Item #:
Description: Miniature liquor cabinet in the form of an organ or upright piano, likely built in Switzerland or Austria probably for the British market circa 1925. The cabinet is automated and musical, the key to wind the music box is found above the decanters. Press gently on the center of the keyboard to start one of the two Airs. As the music plays, the cabinet doors automatically open, and the glazed lid springs open. The cabinet houses 2 original acid etched decanters with original stoppers, complimenting the eight small glasses held in a removable caddy under the glass lid.The two Airs are listed on the paper label on the underside, "Tea for Two, Fox Trot & Mon Coeur (My Heart), Chanson".

Materials: Rosewood cabinet. Brass hardware. Glass doors. Crystal decanters & glasses. 
Dimensions: Height: 12". Width: 9-1/2". Depth: 6".
Locality and Period: Switzerland or Austria. c.1925.
Comments: A rare and unusual find in excellent working order.
Price: ***SOLD***

Hand Dovetailed Cherry Bible Box
Item #:
Description: Overhanging locking (no key), hinged lid with support chain opening to reveal a spacious interior. Single board sides hand dovetailed at the corners. Molded skirt (replaced) scroll cut to form feet. Brass handles on sides.   Materials: Cherry. Pine secondary. Brass hardware.
Dimensions: Height: 9-1/2". Width: 20". Depth: 10-3/4". Interior 17-1/2"w X 9"d X 7-1/2"h.
Locality and Period: American. c.1830.
Comments: Old box with some contemporary replacements and finish.
Price: $195.00

American Figured Mahogany Lap Desk
Item #:
Description: Rectangular hinged box that opens to a slope writing surface. Interior compartments to store stationery and accoutrements. Drawer on side for additional storage. 
Materials: Figured mahogany veneers and solids. Pine secondary. Brass hardware.
Dimensions: Height: 8". Width: 22". Depth: 11" closed, 22" open.
Locality and Period: Major East coast center. c. 1790-1810.
Comments: Rare American example of an English classic form.
Price: $295.00