Lamps & Lighting

Antique Red Satin Shades Gone-with-the Wind Lamp
Item #:
Description: Table lamp with matching upper and lower red satin glass shades with rose patterns. Electrified single bulb fixtures in both upper and lower shades. Brass fittings and fancy base..
Materials: Satin glass shades. Brass fittings and base.
Dimensions: Height: . Width: . Depth: .
Locality and Period: American. 1890's.
Comments: Beautiful original red satin glass shades. Lights both upper and lower shades. Electrified oil burning lamp.
Price: $395.00

German Bisque Figural Lamp with Single Bulb Fixture
Item #:
Description: Table lamp with figural bisque couple on metal base with "dolphin" feet. Single bulb fixture. Cloth shade.
Materials: Bisque figures. Metal base. Cloth shade.
Dimensions: Height: 33" (total), 13" figures. Width: 10-1/2". Depth: 11-1/2".
Locality and Period: Unknown maker (German bisque figures). 20th century.
Comments: Lovely figures of a young couple.
Price: $79.00

 Antique Frosted Shade Single Bulb Fixture Boudoir Lamp
Item #:
Description: Painted cast iron lamp base and shade harp. Single bulb light fixture. Frosted glass shade in subtle shades of peach in draped pattern.
Materials: Cast iron. Frosted glass shade.
Dimensions: Height: 13-1/2". Width: 9". Depth: 9".
Locality and Period: American. Circa 1930.
Comments: Diminutive bedside lamp in desirable design and color..
Price: ***SOLD***

Industrial Flexible "Goose Neck" Desk Lamp
Item #:
Description: Desk lamp with single bulb fixture. Fancy shaped cast iron base. Flexible neck. Reflector shade. Maker's marks on underside of base.
Materials: Cast iron. Metal neck and shade.
Dimensions: Height: 15". Width: 6-1/2". Depth: 12".
Locality and Period: Chicago, Ill. Circa 1925-45.
Comments: Maker's Mark Cast in Lamp Base
"Universal Electric Log Co., Chicago, Ill. No.33" .
Price: ***SOLD***