WWI Era "Emancipation Proclamation" Print Circa 1919
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Description: Polychromatic print on paper featuring Abraham Lincoln in center cartouche with American Eagle above. Portraits of notable African American's Frederick Douglas, Lt. Col. Otis B. Duncan, Paul L. Dunbar & Lt. Col. Franklin Dennison in each corner. Print framed under glass in decorative gilt frame. Published 1919 by E.G. Renesch, Chicago. 
Materials: Print on paper. Wood and gesso gilt frame. Glass cover.
Dimensions: Height: 19-1/2" framed, 16" print. Width: 23-1/2" framed, 20" print.
Locality and Period: Chicago. c.1919.
Comments: Patriotic commemorative print celebrating contributions of African Americans during World War I. Some fraying around print edges.
Price: ***SOLD*** 

Antique Mezzotint Engraving "Children of Earl Gower" Framed Under Glass
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Description:  Mezzotint engraving after an original painting "Children of Earl Gower" by George Romney. Pencil signed by the publisher "Jacobi, RE-PROOF" in lower left margin. Pencil signed by artist "George P. James" in lower right margin. Framed under glass in carved gilt wood frame.
Materials: Mezzotint on paper. Gilt frame and glass.
Dimensions: Height: 12" (print), 19" (framed). Width: 14" (print), 23" (framed).
Locality and Period: c.1900.
Comments: The "RE-PROOF" is the second proof taken from an etched plate. The artist's or first proof is, of course, very expensive and far beyond the average pocket. Featuring 4 dancing girls in vibrant colors.
Price: $95.00

Original Signed & Numbered Etching "Arrival of the Guests" by T.Mazi
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Description: Color etching of guests arriving in the evening via gondolas to a grand home on the canals of Venice. Black reverse painted frame with gilt molding. Etching signed in lower right and numbered (285) in lower left. Behind glass.
Materials: Etching on paper.
Dimensions: Height: Frame 23", Image 17". Width: Frame 15-1/4", Image 10-1/2".
Locality and Period: Italian. c.1890.
Comments: Subtle colors and use of light portray a romantic scene in Venice.
Price: $140.00

Antique German Lord's Prayer & 10 Commandments Color Lithograph c.1880
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Description: Color lithograph of illustrated 10 commandments and the Lord's Prayer in German. Framed in molded, gilt frame under glass. Marked with copyright info in lower left and "Maerz Litho Co. Buffalo, NY"  in lower right.
Materials: Lithograph on paper. Molded gilt wood frame.
Dimensions: Height: 22" (framed). Width: 18" (framed).
Locality and Period: Buffalo, NY. c.1880.
Comments: Brilliant color illustrations.
Price: $79.00

"The Apothecary" Lithograph, Signed & Titled by the Artist William A. Smith
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Description: The Apothecary is the creation of William A. Smith (American 1918-1989) and was produced in Paris, France by highly skilled printmakers under the supervision of the artist. Winner of many prizes and awards for prints, oils and watercolors, William A. Smith is represented in the permanent collection of many museums including the New York Metropolitan and Los Angeles Art Museums.
Dimensions: Height: Frame 34-1/2", Print 25-1/2". Width: Frame 28-1/2", Print 19-1/2".
Price: $225.00