Sideboards & Cupboards

2 Piece Walnut Step-back Cupboard
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Description: 2 piece step-back cupboard. Upper section: molded crown. 2 glazed doors with old wavy glass open to shelved display interior. Shaped lower skirt. Lower section: Slightly over-hanging top over 2 half-length drawers with turned "mushroom pulls. 2 paneled cupboard doors open to large shelved interior. Shaped skirt
Materials: Walnut. Various secondary woods.
Dimensions: Height: 85-1/4". Width: 50-1/2"". Depth: 19-1/2".
Locality and Period: East coast to Midwest furniture centers. c. 1890.
Comments: Nice cupboard with ample storage and display areas.
Price: $995.00

Rococo Revival Rosewood Marble Top Sideboard Etagere

(in the manner of Alexander Roux c.1850)
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Description: Sideboard with upper etagere display. Lower section: Shaped and molded marble top. Single full length drawer over 2 mirrored doors opening to shelved cupboard. Upper section: Ornate carved and shaped crown over upper shelf. Carved and shaped sides supporting display shelves. Mirrored center section.
Materials: Rosewood. Poplar secondary. Glass mirrors. Marble top.
Dimensions: Height: 81", 39-1/2" base. Width: 52". Depth: 22".
Locality and Period: Probably New York. c.1850.
Comments: This piece is very much in the manner of pieces produced by the Alexander Roux shop. Alexander Roux (1813–1886) was a French-trained ebeniste, or cabinetmaker who emigrated to the United States in the 1830s. He opened a shop in New York City in 1837. Roux specialized in the ornate Rococo Revival style. His work is highly sought by collectors, with larger and more complex pieces fetching large sums.
Price: ***SOLD***

Kentucky Inlaid Walnut Drysink Cupboard
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Description: 2 piece drysink cupboard. Upper section: Shaped gallery over 2 door cupboard. 3 drawers below. Lower section: Drysink with inlaid shaped front. 2 door cupboard. Shaped skirt and bracket feet.
Materials: Walnut. Satinwood inlay. Poplar secondary.
Dimensions: Height: 85". Width: 49-1/2". Depth: 21".
Locality and Period: Kentucky. c.1850.
Comments: Finely executed inlaid decoration. Unique configuration of drysink and cupboard.
Price: $1,795.00 ***SOLD***