Pair Antique Art Nouveau "Wood Nymph & Frog" Bookends
Item #:
Description: Cast bronze bookends depicting a wood nymph and frog with cold painted decoration. Artist's signature "S. Morani" (Salvatore Morani, American 1879-1964) on edge of base. Armor Bronze casting mark on base and original maker's label on bottom.
Materials: Cold painted bronze.
Dimensions: Height: 7-1/2". Width: 5-1/2". Depth: 5-3/8".
Locality and Period: New York. c.1914.
Comments: Charming casting with cold painted decoration of a youthful woodland nymph and frog.
Price: $95.00 Pair

Pair Antique Cast Metal "Lincoln In The Chair"" Bookends
Item #:
Description: Bookends cast as an authentic reproduction of the original statue by H. French located in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
Materials: Cast metal.
Dimensions: Height: 6-3/4". Width: 5". Depth: 5-3/8".
Locality and Period: Philadelphia.
Comments: Well executed high relief casting in two tone finish of an iconic American image.
Price: $95.00 Pair

Pair Antique Cast Bronze "Indian Hunters" Bookends
Item #:
Description: Bookends cast in solid bronze depicting an Indian Brave teaching his son to hunt with bow and arrow.
Materials: Cast bronze.
Dimensions: Height: 5-5/8". Width: 4-7/8". Depth: 2-3/4".
Locality and Period: American. c.1920.
Comments: Well executed high relief casting with desirable subject matter.
Price: $95.00 Pair

Pair Cast Iron Abraham Lincoln Bookends Marked "Verona"
Item #:
Description: Cast iron bookends of Abraham Lincoln having bronzed finish. Back casting marked "Verona".
Materials: Cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 5-5/8". Width: 4-3/4". Depth: 2". Each
Locality and Period: Marked "Verona". c.1920.
Comments: Nice pair in bronzed finish having aged patina.
Price: $39.00 Pair

Pair Cold Painted Cast Iron "E Pluribus Unum" American Eagle Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair cast iron American Eagle bookends cold painted in polychromatic patriotic scheme. Eagle has a stars and stripes shield and is holding an "E Pluribus Unum" banner in it's beak. Casting mark "665" on back base.
Materials: Cold painted cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 7". Width: 5-14". Depth: 2".
Locality and Period: American. c.1876-1920.
Comments: Probably produced during the United States Centennial when patriotic Americana was very popular.
Price: $59.00 Pair

Pair Armor Bronze "Invincible Armada 1588" Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair bookends of sailing ships cutting through waves. Maker's marks on back.
Materials: Bronze.
Dimensions: Height: 7". Width: 6". Depth: 3".
Locality and Period: Tauton, Mass. c.1925.
Comments: Heavy pair of bookends finely cast. Marked on back "Invincible Armada 1588", "W. Johnson" and "Armor Bronze".
Price: $75.00

Pair Cast Iron "Reims Cathedral" Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair cast iron bookends depicting the French Reims Cathedral. Verdigris and gold applied patina. Marked on the back "CATHEDRAL 6".
Materials: Cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 5-1/4". Width: 4". Depth: 2".
Locality and Period: Circa 1920's.
Comments: Detailed casting of famous French "Reims Cathedral" with appealing verdigris and gold Colors.
Price: $45.00 Pair

Pair Bradley & Hubbard Whittier Quote Bookends
Item #:
Description: Heavy bronze finish over cast iron bookends with a bust cartouche of John Greenleaf Whittier over a plaque with the quote "And step by step, since time began, I see the steady gain of man".
Materials: Bronze over cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 6". Width: 4-5/8". Depth: 2-1/2".
Locality and Period: Meriden, Connecticut. c.1920.
Comments: Very nice pair finely cast by Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Co. (1852-1940).
Price: $125.00

Pair Cast Metal "1776" American Eagle Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair hollow cast metal figural American Eagle "1776" Bookends. Marked on back "Colonial Virginia, Hampton, VA. c.1965".
Materials: Cast metal.
Dimensions: Height: 6". Width: 5-1/2". Depth: 2-1/2".
Locality and Period: Made for Colonial Virginia. c.1965.
Comments: Nicely cast "1776" American Eagle bookends.
Price: $39.00 Pair

Pair Bronze Whittier Bust Bookends
Item #:
Description: Cast bronze bookends with bust of American poet John Greenleaf Whittier. "WHITTIER" cast on lower section.
Dimensions: Height: 6". Width: 5".
Price: $125.00

Pair Cast Iron George Washington Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair cast iron bookends with applied bronze patina. Bust of George Washington after the famous Houdon sculpture.
Dimensions: Height: 5-3/4".
Price: $95.00

Pair George Washington Bust Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair composition with gold metallic finish bookends after the famous bust by Jean-Antoine Houdon of George Washington. Dated 1960.
Dimensions: Height: 7-3/4". Width: 5".
Price: $49.00 Pair 

Pair Cast Metal Pirate Bookends
Item #:
Description: Cold painted cast metal bookends with figure of pirate & treasure chest.
Dimensions: Height: 5-3/8". Width: 4-1/8".
Price: $89.00

Pair Glass Horse Head Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair molded glass bookends in the form of horse heads.
Dimensions: Height: 5-1/2". Width: 5".
Price: $25.00

Pair Book & Flower Basket Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair plaster cast bookends in the form of books with flower baskets with a metallic gold finish.
Dimensions: Height: 6-1/2". Width: 4-1/2". Depth: 4-3/4". 
Price: $29.00

Longfellow Bust Bookends
Item #:
Description: Painted spelter metal bust of Longfellow on plinth with name in block letters at base of bust.
Dimensions: Height: 6-1/2". Width: 4-1/2".
Price: $59.00

Pair "The Angelus" Cast Metal Bookends
Item #:
Description: Pair heavy cast metal bookends with a depiction of "The Angelus (L'Angelus) from an oil painting by French painter Jean-Francois Millet, completed in 1859.
Dimensions: Height: 4-3/4". Width: 5".
Price: $49.00