Chests & Trunks

Antique Dome Top Immigrant's Trunk in Oxblood Wash
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Description: Large trunk with hinged, dome top lid. Interior having large storage compartment and upper till drawer. Molded bottom with Country Chippendale scrolled skirt & feet. Wrought iron bail handles. Square, hand wrought nail construction. 
Materials: Pine in Oxblood wash. Wrought iron handles.
Dimensions: Height: 28-1/2". Width: 48". Depth: 24-1/2".
Locality and Period: Continental. c.1850.
Comments: Emigrants coming to America in the 1800's had to decide carefully what personal belongings to bring with them. Letters from their immigrant friends and relatives warned them that there was limited space available on their voyage, they only had room for the bare necessities. Items that families were able to pack often consisted of clothes, tools needed for a skilled trade, possibly a family Bible and a picture of their parents, family heirlooms, and necessary provisions for the trip.
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American Federal Hepplewhite 2 over 3 Drawer "Sally Hall" Chest
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Description: Slightly over-hanging top with inlaid banded edge. Inlaid name "Sally Hall" below top. 2 half-length drawers over 3 full-length drawers with inlaid stringing. Hand cut dovetail drawer construction. Unique "Thistle" stamped brass pulls. Shaped lower skirt with out-swept French feet. 
Materials: Cherry. Pine, maple & cherry secondary. Satinwood inlay.
Dimensions: Height: 44". Width: 41". Depth: 19-1/2".
Locality and Period: Pennsylvania. c.1800.
Comments: This Hepplewhite piece is distinguished by 2 small upper drawers over the 3 full-length drawers. Minor repairs and missing trim.
Price: $995.00

Antique Painted Hinged Lid Blanket Chest
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Description: Hinged top with over-lapping edge. Single compartment interior. Polychromatic, geometric painted decoration on top, sides and front in a Moorish design. Wrought iron handles on sides. 
Materials: Painted woods. Iron hinges and handles.
Dimensions: Height: 21". Width: 37-3/4"". Depth: 19-1/4".
Locality and Period: Unknown maker and paint decorator. c.1890.
Comments: Well executed polychromatic hand painting. Stunning decoration for use as a blanket chest or coffee table.
Price: $595.00

Antique 6 Board Grain Painted Blanket Chest
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Description: Hinged top with molded overhanging top. Hand cut dovetailed box construction. Interior having large storage compartment and upper "till drawer" with lid. Ring, vase and ball turned feet. 
Materials: Grain painted pine & poplar. 
Dimensions: Height: 22-3/4". Width: 38-1/4"". Depth: 18-1/2".
Locality and Period: Eastern to Midwest U.S. c.1850.
Comments: Well executed hand grain painting. Sturdy hand cut dovetailed construction.
Price: ***SALE*** Was: $495.00, NOW: $425.00

Antique Cherry Turned Leg Sugar Chest
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Description: Hinged, locking single board "breadboard" top sugar chest with 2 section interior. Plain single board sides, front and back boards mortised into square corners. Unique turned feet. 
Materials: Cherry. 
Dimensions: Height: 22-1/4". Width: 30". Depth: 16-1/4".
Locality and Period: Probably Kentucky. c.1850.
Comments: Originally designed for storage of sugar with 2 sections for raw and refined sugar. Tall feet to repel insects. Locking top to protect expensive sugar.
Price: $595.00

Antique Chippendale Burl Wood 4 Drawer Chest Circa 1800
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Description: Shaped top over 4 serpentine graduated drawers with turned pulls. Canted corners. Shaped skirt with bracket feet with casters.  
Materials: Burl walnut. Various secondary woods.
Dimensions: Height: 38". Width: 41-1/4". Depth: 19-1/2".
Locality and Period: Eastern American. c.1800.
Comments: Incredible burl grained case. Dovetailed construction.
Price: ***SALE*** Was: $895.00, Now: $695.00

Antique Lift-top Paneled Turned Leg Blanket Chest c.1850
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Description: Blanket chest with hinged lift-top having mitered "breadboard" edges. Interior with large storage compartment and small till tray. Paneled side, front and back construction. Turned ring and ball feet. 
Materials: Walnut. 
Dimensions: Height: 24-1/2". Width: 38-1/4". Depth: 21-1/4".
Locality and Period: American. c.1850.
Comments: Convenient size for use as storage of linens or as a coffee table. Solid construction.
Price: ***SOLD***