Chests & Trunks

American Federal Hepplewhite 2 over 3 Drawer "Sally Hall" Chest
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Description: Slightly over-hanging top with inlaid banded edge. Inlaid name "Sally Hall" below top. 2 half-length drawers over 3 full-length drawers with inlaid stringing. Hand cut dovetail drawer construction. Unique "Thistle" stamped brass pulls. Shaped lower skirt with out-swept French feet. 
Materials: Cherry. Pine, maple & cherry secondary. Satinwood inlay.
Dimensions: Height: 44". Width: 41". Depth: 19-1/2".
Locality and Period: Pennsylvania. c.1800.
Comments: This Hepplewhite piece is distinguished by 2 small upper drawers over the 3 full-length drawers. Minor repairs and missing trim.
Price: $995.00

Antique Painted Hinged Lid Blanket Chest
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Description: Hinged top with over-lapping edge. Single compartment interior. Polychromatic, geometric painted decoration on top, sides and front in a Moorish design. Wrought iron handles on sides. 
Materials: Painted woods. Iron hinges and handles.
Dimensions: Height: 21". Width: 37-3/4"". Depth: 19-1/4".
Locality and Period: Unknown maker and paint decorator. c.1890.
Comments: Well executed polychromatic hand painting. Stunning decoration for use as a blanket chest or coffee table.
Price: $595.00

Antique 6 Board Grain Painted Blanket Chest
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Description: Hinged top with molded overhanging top. Hand cut dovetailed box construction. Interior having large storage compartment and upper "till drawer" with lid. Ring, vase and ball turned feet. 
Materials: Grain painted pine & poplar. 
Dimensions: Height: 22-3/4". Width: 38-1/4"". Depth: 18-1/2".
Locality and Period: Eastern to Midwest U.S. c.1850.
Comments: Well executed hand grain painting. Sturdy hand cut dovetailed construction.
Price: ***SALE*** Was: $495.00, NOW: $425.00

Antique Cherry Turned Leg Sugar Chest
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Description: Hinged, locking single board "breadboard" top sugar chest with 2 section interior. Plain single board sides, front and back boards mortised into square corners. Unique turned feet. 
Materials: Cherry. 
Dimensions: Height: 22-1/4". Width: 30". Depth: 16-1/4".
Locality and Period: Probably Kentucky. c.1850.
Comments: Originally designed for storage of sugar with 2 sections for raw and refined sugar. Tall feet to repel insects. Locking top to protect expensive sugar.
Price: $595.00

Antique Chippendale Burl Wood 4 Drawer Chest Circa 1800
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Description: Shaped top over 4 serpentine graduated drawers with turned pulls. Canted corners. Shaped skirt with bracket feet with casters.  
Materials: Burl walnut. Various secondary woods.
Dimensions: Height: 38". Width: 41-1/4". Depth: 19-1/2".
Locality and Period: Eastern American. c.1800.
Comments: Incredible burl grained case. Dovetailed construction.
Price: ***SALE*** Was: $895.00, Now: $695.00

Antique Lift-top Paneled Turned Leg Blanket Chest c.1850
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Description: Blanket chest with hinged lift-top having mitered "breadboard" edges. Interior with large storage compartment and small till tray. Paneled side, front and back construction. Turned ring and ball feet. 
Materials: Walnut. 
Dimensions: Height: 24-1/2". Width: 38-1/4". Depth: 21-1/4".
Locality and Period: American. c.1850.
Comments: Convenient size for use as storage of linens or as a coffee table. Solid construction.
Price: ***SOLD***