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Seth Thomas Faux Marble 8 Day Mantle Clock
Item #:
Description: 8 day spring drive brass movement. Faux marble finish wood case with brass decorations. Clock gongs on the half-hour and hourly. Decorative brass bezel surrounding face having Arabic numerals. Original paper label on back panel.
Materials: Faux marble wood case. Brass case decorations. Brass movement.
Dimensions: Height: 11". Width: 16-1/4". Depth: 7".
Locality and Period: Connecticut. c.1900.
Comments: Clock runs and keeps accurate time. Unusual faux marble finish.
Price: $195.00

Le Coultre & Cie "Atmos" Model 528-6 Clock (needs repair)
Item #:
Description: Vintage perpetual "Atmos" clock in crystal & brass case. Marked "Le Coultre & Cie, Metal Caliber 528-6 Swiss", "15 Jewel Switzerland Unadjusted", "Serial #156375".
Materials: Brass works. Brass & crystal case.
Dimensions: Height: 9-1/4". Width: 8-1/2". Depth: 6-1/2".
Locality and Period: Switzerland. c.1960-70.
Comments: Complete clock needing minor repairs to make operational.
Price: $325.00 AS IS

Antique Seth Thomas "Adamantine" 8 Day Mantle Clock
Item #:
Description: Mantle clock having brass 8 day spring wind works that gongs on the half-hour and hourly. Wooden case in faux slate and marble finish with brass columns and stamped brass lion's head decoration. Ornate stamped brass dial with Arabic numerals and stamped hands. Brass bezel with glass front access door. Cast brass feet. Original paper label on back panel.
Materials: Faux finish wood case. Brass works. Brass ornamentation.
Dimensions: Height: 10-3/4". Width: 16-1/2". Depth: 6-3/4".
Locality and Period: Connecticut. c.1890.
Comments: Appealing faux slate and marble case. In fine working order, running and keeping accurate time.
Price: $159.00

Antique Walnut Case 8 Day "Kienzle" German Shelf Clock
Item #:
Description: 8 day brass spring driven works clock. Carved walnut case with beveled glass front door. Brass face plate with ornate engraving, Arabic numerals, adjustment dials and fancy hands. Chiming mechanisms inoperable.
Materials: Walnut case with glass front door. Brass clockworks. Engraved brass face.
Dimensions: Height: 18-1/2". Width: 12-5/8". Depth: 8-3/8".
Locality and Period: Germany. c.1900.
Comments: Beautiful carved case and well executed engraved face. Clock running and keeping accurate time. Chiming mechanisms inoperable, being sold at a discounted price.
Price: $275.00 AS IS

Vintage Schatz Model "49" 400 Day "Anniversary" Clock in Glass Dome
Item #:
Description: Brass 400 day spring drive works with weighted rotating pendulum. Base having screw adjustable levels. Ornate enamel dial having Arabic numerals with "Schatz" logo and "Made in Germany" markings. Back of works having maker's and model markings. Glass dome.
Materials: Brass works. Enamel dial. Glass dome.
Dimensions: Height: 12". Width: 7-1/2". Depth: 7-1/2".
Locality and Period: Germany. c.1950.
Comments: Nicknamed "Anniversary" clocks in referrance to this style clock having only to be wound about once per year (remember to wind on your wedding anniversary). Recently repaired and cleaned to good working condition. Intact original protective glass dome.
Price: SOLD

Hamburg American Clock Co. (H.A.C.) Westminster Chimes Mantle Clock
Item #:
Description: 8 day brass spring drive works having "Westminster" chimes that sound on the quarter-hours and gongs on the hour. Oak case with rear clockworks access door. Metal dial with Arabic numerals under brass bezel glass door. H.A.C. crossed arrows logo engraved on brass works.
Materials: Oak case. Brass works. Glass face door.
Dimensions: Height: 12". Width: 19". Depth: 6".
Locality and Period: Germany. c.1900.
Comments: Recently tuned and regulated. Running and keeping accurate time.
Price: $295.00

Ansonia "Open Escapement" Mantle Clock
Item #:
Description: Mantle clock with brass 8 day movement that gongs on the half-hour and on the hour. Mahogany base with cast ormolu feet and central decoration. Round cast metal upper case with side drops and top urn finial. Porcelain face with stylized Arabic numerals. Exposed escapement.
Materials: Cast metal. Mahogany base. Brass works. Porcelain face.
Dimensions: Height: 15-1/2". Width: 12-1/2". Depth: 7-1/2".
Locality and Period: Ansonia Clock Co. New York. c.1881
Comments: Impressive castings and attractive face. Working and keeping time. Key included
Price: $295.00

Vintage "Airguide" Banjo Wall Barometer, Thermometer & Hygrometer
Item #:
Description: Wall hanging weather barometer, thermometer and hygrometer in mahogany "banjo" shaped case. Classical "broken pediment" with finial at top of case. Small convex mirror above barometer.
Materials: Mahogany case. Metal and glass instruments.
Dimensions: Height: 37". Width: 12-1/4". Depth: 2-3/4".
Locality and Period: Chicago IL. c.1950-60.
Comments: Working barometer, thermometer in degrees Fahrenheit, and dial hygrometer.
Price: $175.00

Seth Thomas "Corsair" Brass Ship's Clock on Wooden Stand
Item #:
Description: Brass round face winding clock that chimes in accordance to a ship's watch. Brass bezel glass face unscrews to allow key wind access. German movement. Includes key. On wooden stand. 
Dimensions: Height: 7". Width: 8". Depth: 3". 
Price: SOLD