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Antique Seth Thomas 8 Day Arch Top Mantle Clock

Item #: G5156
Description:  Arch top case with side columns. Works door with 2 round glass sections, bottom section having a reverse painted street scene. Paper on metal face with Roman numerals. Brass 8 day movement. Clock sounds on the half-hour and hourly. Original paper labels inside clock case including a 1903 World's fair label. .
Materials: Rosewood & various wood case. Glass front door. Brass movement. Coil chime.
Dimensions: Height: 17-1/2". Width: 10-1/2". Depth: 4-3/8".
Locality and Period: Thomaston, Connecticut. c.1903.
Comments: Probably sold at the 1903 World's fair in St. Louis. Clock running and chiming and keeping accurate time.
Price: $195.00 

Vintage German Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Item #: G5058
Description: 30 hour weight driven works. Carved and painted walnut case having stag head and crossed rifles crown. Main body with hanging game, hunting bag, oak leaves, cuckoo door and round face surrounded by hunting horn. Face having Roman numerals. Cast iron "pine cone" chain driven weights. Clock "cuckoos" and chimes on the half-hour and hourly.
Materials: Carved and painted walnut case. Brass, wood and plastic works. Cast iron pine cone weights..
Dimensions: Height: 24". Width: 12". Depth: 8".
Locality and Period: Germany. c.1950.
Comments: Classic hunting motif Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Clock running, "cuckoos", chiming and keeping accurate time.
Price: ***SOLD***

Antique 3 Piece French Slate & Marble Clock with Garniture Set c.1880

Item #: G4801
Description: Spring drive brass movement. Slate and marble clock case with glass face and pendulum doors. Porcelain clock face, open escapement and maker's mark "E. Garnier, Provins". Mercury weight pendulum. Matching pair slate and marble candle holder garniture set.
Materials: Slate & marble case and candle stands. Glass front doors. Brass movement.
Dimensions: Height: Clock 18-1/2", Candle Stands 10-1/2". Width: Clock 15, Candle Stands 7". Depth: Clock 6-1/2", Candle Stands 5".
Locality and Period: French. c.1880.
Comments: Monumental matching slate and marble set. Clock runs and keeps accurate time. Bell chime not fully operating.
Price: $895.00 Clock & Garniture Set

Antique Welch "Lillian Russell" 8 Day Oak "Gingerbread" Kitchen Clock

Item #: G4786
Description: 8 day spring drive brass movement. Oak case with incised carved  "gingerbread" decoration. Face with Roman numerals and brass bezel. Glass front door with gilt reverse painted decoration. Manufacturer's original paper labels on clock case back. Clock gong sounds on the half hour and hourly.
Materials: Oak case. Glass front door. Brass movement.
Dimensions: Height: 23". Width: 16". Depth: 5".
Locality and Period: Connecticut. c.1890.
Comments: Nice carved "gingerbread" decorated case with original paper labels on back. Clock runs and keeps accurate time.
Price: ***SOLD***

Antique Cast Iron 8 Day Mantle Clock by Kroeber Clock Company, NY.
Item #:
Description: 8 day spring drive brass movement. Cast iron case with incised gold decoration. Porcelain face with Roman numerals. Brass bezel with glass front door. Clock gongs hourly.
Materials: Cast iron case. Metal face. Brass movement.
Dimensions: Height: 11". Width: 13-3/4". Depth: 5-1/2".
Locality and Period: New York. c.1890.
Comments: F. Kroeber Clock Company New York, NY. was incorporated in 1887. Clock runs and keeps accurate time.
Price: ***SOLD***

Le Coultre & Cie "Atmos" Model 528-6 Clock (needs repair)
Item #:
Description: Vintage perpetual "Atmos" clock in crystal & brass case. Marked "Le Coultre & Cie, Metal Caliber 528-6 Swiss", "15 Jewel Switzerland Unadjusted", "Serial #156375".
Materials: Brass works. Brass & crystal case.
Dimensions: Height: 9-1/4". Width: 8-1/2". Depth: 6-1/2".
Locality and Period: Switzerland. c.1960-70.
Comments: Complete clock needing minor repairs to make operational.
Price: $325.00 AS IS