Lamps & Lighting

Hand Painted Electrified "SUCCESS" Gone-With-The Wind Lamp
Item #:
Description: Two hand painted glass shades, both upper and lower electrified and lighted. Single bulb upper fixture electrified. from original "Success" oil font and burner. Ornate cast iron base with 3 way switch which allows the lighting of either upper and lower lamp individually or together.
Materials: Glass shade. Glass chimney. Cast iron base. Brass lamp fixture.
Dimensions: Height: 21-1/4". Width: 9". Depth: 9".
Locality and Period: Pittsburgh, PA. c.1910.
Comments: Well executed hand painted rose pattern shades.
Price: ***SOLD***

Emerald Green "Imperial Austria" Glass Shade 2 Bulb Fixture Lamp
Item #:
Description: Table or desk lamp with 2 bulb fixture. Mushroom shaped emerald green glass shade marked "Imperial Austria". Brass base and shade bracket.
Materials: Glass shade. Brass base & bracket.
Dimensions: Height: 20-3/4". Width: 12". Depth: 12".
Locality and Period: Circa 1925-45.
Comments: Attractive shaped emerald green shade.
Price: $165.00

Arts & Crafts Emerald Green Glass Shade Desk Lamp
Item #:
Description: Desk lamp with single bulb fixture. Fancy shaped emerald green glass shade. Copper patinated metal base and shade bracket.
Materials: Glass shade. Patinated metal base & bracket.
Dimensions: Height: 18-1/2". Width: 10-1/2". Depth: 8".
Locality and Period: Circa 1925-45.
Comments: Attractive shaped emerald green shade.
Price: $135.00

German Bisque Figural Lamp with Single Bulb Fixture
Item #:
Description: Table lamp with figural bisque couple on metal base with "dolphin" feet. Single bulb fixture. Cloth shade.
Materials: Bisque figures. Metal base. Cloth shade.
Dimensions: Height: 33" (total), 13" figures. Width: 10-1/2". Depth: 11-1/2".
Locality and Period: Unknown maker (German bisque figures). 20th century.
Comments: Lovely figures of a young couple.
Price: $79.00

Antique "Wilkinson" Green & Amber Slag Glass Shade Lamp
Item #:
Description: 4 panel green and amber slag glass shade in decorative cast bronze frame. 2 bulb, pull chain light fixture on cast bronze lamp base. Maker's mark "Wilkinson Co. Brooklyn, N.Y." on bottom of base
Materials: Slag glass. Cast bronze.
Dimensions: Height: 23-1/2". Width: 11-3/8". Depth: 11-3/8".
Locality and Period: Brooklyn, N.Y. c.1910.
Comments:  The Wilkinson Company was founded by Elmer E. Wilkinson circa 1907 in Brooklyn, New York and is known for producing both high quality leaded glass, slag glass shades and metal bases. The company’s production was relatively short and filed bankruptcy circa 1915.
Price: ***SOLD***

Cast Bronze Eagle Base Lamp with Art Glass Shade
Item #:
Description: 3 bulb pull chain light fixture lamp with cast eagle base. 6 panel art glass shade (2 panels having cracks but are intact).
Materials: Bronze, brass & copper base. Glass shade.
Dimensions: Height: 24". Width: 19-1/4". Depth: 19-1/4".
Locality and Period: American. c.1930.
Comments: Impressive 3 standing eagles base. 2 of 6 shade panels with cracks but are intact (detailed photos available upon request).
Price: ***SOLD***

Ruby Red Satin Glass "Regal Iris" Shade Gone with the Wind Lamp
Item #:
Description: Electrified kerosene "Gone with the Wind" lamp having a single bulb fixture. Ruby red satin glass shades with puffy "Iris" pattern. Ornate brass font and light fixture. Ornate brass base.
Materials: Ruby red satin glass shades. Brass fixtures.
Dimensions: Height: 30". Width: 11". Depth: 11".
Locality and Period: Probably The Pittsburgh, Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. c.1905.
Comments: Stunning ruby red satin shades. No condition problems.
Price: $525.00 

Antique Figural "Putto" Slag Glass Shade Lamp
Item #:
Description: Single fixture lamp with figural "Putto" holding a vase supporting light fixture. Decorative metal base. 6 panel amber, caramel and green slag glass shade with decorative metal work and a central "Cameo" cartouche.
Materials: Cast metal. Slag glass.
Dimensions: Height: 22-1/2". Width: 14". Depth: 12".
Locality and Period: Unknown maker. c.1920.
Comments: Angelic putto figural lamp with well executed cast metal and slag glass shade.
Price: $185.00