Metal Works

Antique Brass Floor Hat/Coat Stand
Item #:
Description: Floor hat and coat rack with 4 double hooks mounted to center pole. Large finial at top of center pole. 4 braced feet at bottom.
Materials: Brass.
Dimensions: Height: 69". Width: 16". Depth: 16".
Locality and Period: American c.1925.
Comments: Sturdy construction on solid base for hanging coats and hats.
Price: ***SOLD*** 

Pair Sheffield Silverplate 3 Candle Candelabras
Item #:
Description: Matching pair silverplate 3 candle candelabras marked "The Sheffield Silver Co." and "SILVERPLATE" on bottom rim of base.
Materials: Silverplate.
Dimensions: Height: 9-3/4". Width: 9-1/2". Depth: 4-1/4".
Locality and Period: Brooklyn, N.Y. c.1925.
Comments: Sheffield Silver Co. was incorporated in Brooklyn New York in 1908.
Price: ***SOLD***

Antique Cast Iron Umbrella/Fireplace Stand
Item #:
Description: Cast iron stand having upper serpent head holders and ornate handle. Lower shell shaped drip pan.
Materials: Cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 25-3/4". Width: 13". Depth: 10-1/2".
Locality and Period: Foundries throughout the U.S. c.1900.
Comments: Used to hold umbrellas or store fireplace tools.
Price: $65.00

Dempster Mill Mfg. Co. #2 Water Pump Top
Item #:
Description: Cast iron water pump top and handle. Manufacturers markings on body of pump "DEMPSTER MILL MFG. CO., BEATRICE, NEB." and "No.2" on pump top..
Materials: Painted cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 17-1/2". Width: 19". Depth: 11".
Locality and Period: Beatrice, Nebraska. c.1900.
Comments: Newer red paint. Excellent condition.
Price: ***SOLD***

Cast Iron Eagle Stove 2 Piece Humidifier/Hot Coal Box
Item #:
Description: 2 piece cast iron box having an American Eagle finial on lid. Lower footed box with casting markings: "2614 EAGLE".
Materials: Cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 10". Width: 7-1/2". Depth: 5-1/2".
Locality and Period: Virginia. c.1890.
Comments: Originally used on top of wood stoves to fill with water to humidify the air, or to store hot coals. Would make for an attractive incense burner or potpouri pot.
Price: $79.00

Pair Early Wrought Iron with Brass Finial Andirons
Item #:
Description: Pair hand wrought iron andirons with wrought iron "Fire Dogs" having brass ball finials.
Materials: Wrought iron. Brass finials.
Dimensions: Height: 21-1/2". Width: 10". Depth: 17".
Locality and Period: American. 19th Century.
Comments: Fine wrought iron craftsmanship. Original brass ball finials.
Price: $195.00 Pair

Pair Antique Cast Iron Architectural Stars & Mounting Brackets
Item #:
Description: Pair cast iron stars painted in a Confederate grey with iron mounting brackets.
Materials: Cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 9". Width: 9-1/4". Depth: 25".
Locality and Period: Unknown American foundry. c.1875.
Comments: These are the REAL things, not the reproduction items easily found. The 24 inch long iron mounting brackets were installed through 3 layers of bricks to stabilize architectural construction or as decorative elements.
Price: $95.00 Pair

Centennial George Washington Trivet
Item #:
Description: Cast brass trivet depicting President George Washington. Back coping casting on reverse side with tall triangle shaped legs. Pierced handle with curled end.
Materials: Brass.
Dimensions: Height: 1-5/8" (including legs). Width: 4-3/8". Length: 9-3/8" (handle to tip).
Locality and Period: U.S.A. c.1876
Comments: This trivet is an original circa 1876 Centennial piece showing several characteristics proving such: no signature, leg length, shape of legs, evidence of wear, open handle, Washington's pigtail, back coping and overall size. All of these features are not evident in the multitude of reproduction castings.
Price: ***SOLD***

Cast Iron Book Press
Item #:
Description: Heavy bookbinder's press having a large base with 2 posts with ball finials that guide the press plate. Wheel with screw attached to press plate to adjust pressure. Plate can be opened to 4-1/2" above base.
Materials: Cast iron.
Dimensions: Height: 13-1/2". Width: 20". Depth: 12". Plate: 15" X 10".
Locality and Period: No foundry mark. c. 1880.
Comments: Industrial grade, completely functional bookbinder's press in an unusually large size.
Price: $385.00 NOW: $275.00

Cast Metal Mythical Plaque
Item #:
Description: Cast metal pendant plaque depicting mythical figures.
Dimensions: Width: 14-1/2".
Price: $165.00 NOW: $119.00