Antique Large "Hiawatha" Native American Plaster Bust
Item #:
Description: Plaster bust depicting legendary Native American "Hiawatha" the main character in "The Song of Hiawatha" an 1855 epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which features Native American characters.
Materials: Hand painted plaster.
Dimensions: Height: 19-1/2". Width: 13". Depth: 8-1/2".
Locality and Period: American. c.1900.
Comments: Hiawatha, also known as Ayenwathaaa or Aiionwatha, was a precolonial First Nations leader and co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy. He was a leader of the Onondaga people, the Mohawk people, or both. 
Price: $125.00

 "Lionne Rugissante" (roaring lion) signed Bronze by
Thomas Francois Cartier (French 1879-1943)
Item #:
Description: Cast bronze sculpture of a roaring lion signed "T. Cartier".
Materials: Bronze.
Dimensions: Height: 14". Width: 20". Depth: 7".
Locality and Period: French. c.1900-10.
Comments: Impressive, finely cast bronze with rich patina. Original sculpted by famed "Anamalier" Thomas Francois Cartier.
Price: $995.00

Large Cast Concrete "Maiden with Baskets" Garden Statuary
Item #:
Description: Large, heavy cast concrete garden statue depicting a beautiful maiden in robes carrying baskets.
Materials: Cast concrete.
Dimensions: Height: 44". Width: 20". Depth: 10".
Locality and Period: American. c.1900-25.
Comments: Finely cast with detailed face, hair, robes and baskets. Can be displayed in the garden or indoors.
Price: ***SOLD***

Pair Art Nouveau Garniture Statues
Item #:
Description: Pair large patinized spelter statues of two robed maidens, one holding a flute and ewer, the other with a broken twig and having an insect on her hand.
Materials: Patinized spelter.
Dimensions: Height: 22".
Locality and Period: Unknown foundry. c.1890.
Comments: Lovely pair of statues. Partial missing finger and insect wing on one statue.
Price: $795.00 Pair

Peasant Woman with Mandolin Statue
Item #:
Description: Polychromatic composite statue of a peasant woman with mandolin. Original label on bottom "Roman Art Co. St. Louis".
Materials: Composite plaster.
Dimensions: Height: 16". Width: 7". Depth: 8-1/2".
Locality and Period: St. Louis, Missouri. c.1950.
Comments: Vintage statue with vivid colors and detail.
Price: ***SOLD***

Concrete Lion Garden Statue
Item #:
Description: Large, heavy vintage concrete lion statue on base.
Dimensions: Height: 19". Width: 32". Depth: 11". 
Price: $295.00