Tables & Stands

Antique Floral Silk Embroidered Fireplace Screen in Mahogany Frame

Item #: AF1616
Description: Floral silk embroidered fire screen under glass framed in mahogany stand. Shaped and carved upper crown and lower rail. Turned side columns with vase turned finials. Shaped, molded and carved feet.
Materials: Mahogany. Silk screen under glass.
Dimensions: Height: 44". Width: 30-3/4". Depth: 15".
Locality and Period: Better East Coast makers. c.1875.
Comments:  Intricate floral embroidery design. 
Price: ***SOLD***

Antique Hunzinger Solid Oak Parlor/Library Table

Item #: AF1664
Description: Solid oak table with intricate turned legs, drops and moldings. Metal claw & wooden ball feet.George Hunzinger was a furniture maker during the later half of the 19th century. He emigrated to the United States in 1855 and began manufacturing furniture in New York City. Like his contemporary furniture makers of the Victorian Age, Hunzinger's pieces are very decorative. What is unique about his furniture is the innovative and distinctive designs he patented.
Materials: Oak. Metal claw foot.
Dimensions: Height: 29-3/4". Width: 36". Depth: 23-1/2".
Locality and Period: New York. c.1890.
Comments: Intricate turnings, rails, drops, astragal molded top and shelf edge .
Price: ***SOLD***

American Federal Mahogany Drop-leaf Sofa Table

Item #: AF1539
Description: Rectangular table with hinged drop leaves on both sides. 2 half-length drawers on front with 2 faux drawers on back. Turned legs on out-swept feet with brass paw casters.
Materials: Mahogany solids & veneers. Pine secondary. Brass hardware & casters.
Dimensions: Height: 27-3/4". Width: 38" (closed), 59-3/8" (open). Depth: 27-1/4".
Locality and Period: Better East U.S. Furniture Centers. c.1810.
Comments: The sofa table was used in front of the parlor sofa to serve tea with leaves up. Minor repairs. Some veneer loss.
Price: $495.00

Regency Rotating Mahogany 4 Drawer "Rent" Table

Item #: AF0641
Description:   Round rotating table top having leather inserts. 4 faux drawers and 4 operating locking drawers below. Turned ring and vase pedestal having 4 out-swept saber legs terminating in brass paw feet with brass casters.
Materials: Mahogany solids & veneers. Poplar secondary. Brass hardware & casters.
Dimensions: Height: 30-1/4". Width: 48". Depth: 48.
Locality and Period: Unknown maker.
Comments: The "Rent" table was used in boarding house entry ways allowing for boarders to drop off rent payments and collect their mail. Minor repairs.
Price: $795.00

American Empire Mahogany Lyre Base Card Table

Item #: AF0361
Description:  Card or game table having a slightly overhanging, serpentine front and side top. Top rotates 90 degrees and flips open to create the playing surface. Serpentine front and side skirt supported by a lyre shaped section with a central finial. "C-Scroll" feet on plinth base. Porcelain casters.
Materials: Mahogany solids & veneers. Pine secondary. Porcelain casters.
Dimensions: Height: 29". Width: 33". Depth: 17-1/2" (closed), 33" (open).
Locality and Period: American, Probably New York. c.1830-40.
Comments: Nice form for use as a console table as well as a game or card table. Minor repairs
Price: ***SOLD***

Antique 1 Drawer Turned Leg Work Table
Item #: AF1626
Description: Plain edge, slightly over-hanging top. Single full length drawer having petite turned pulls and hand cut dovetail construction. Turned legs with delicate turned feet.
Materials: Cherry. Pine secondary.
Dimensions: Height: 28-1/2". Width: 22-1/4". Depth: 19-1/2".
Locality and Period: Eastern to Midwest. c.1850.
Comments: Multi-purpose table, perfect for end, lamp or bedside table.
Price: $139.00

American Empire Mahogany Marble Top Pier/Petticoat Table & Ogee Frame Mirror
Item #: AF1618
Description: Pier table with slightly overhanging molded marble top. Front "S" scroll legs with "C" scroll feet. Shaped lower shelf. Mirrored back panel. Wall pier mirror having "Ogee" shaped frame.
Materials: Mahogany solids & veneers. marble top. Glass mirrors.
Dimensions: Height: Table 35-1/2", Mirror 48". Width: Table 35", Mirror 25-3/4". Depth: Table 18-1/2".
Locality and Period: Eastern U.S.A. c.1830.
Comments: Excellent condition. Perfect for entryway, hall or stair landing.
Price: ***SOLD***

Victorian Walnut Turned & Carved Center Table attributed to Thomas Brooks

Item #: AF1598
Description: Round center table with molded and carved top. Turned and carved center pedestal. 4 arched carved legs with casters.
Materials: Walnut. Metal casters.
Dimensions: Height: 29-1/2". Width: 35-3/4". Depth: 35-1/2".
Locality and Period: Brooklyn, NY. c.1870.
Comments: This table is attributed to Thomas Brooks as it is very similar to examples that are marked pieces. Thomas Brooks (1811-1887) ran a successful furniture making business on the corner of Fulton and Sand Streets, near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. He made a variety of elegant Victorian Renaissance Revival furniture throughout the mid-nineteenth century.
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Victorian Ebonized Washstand with Marble Shelves & Mirror
Item #:
Description: 3 legged washstand with mirrored upper section having candle holders. Upper shaped marble shelf having round cut-out for wash bowl. Shaped marble lower shelf. Turned legs and feet.
Materials: Ebonized hardwood. Marble shelves. Glass mirror.
Dimensions: Height: 59-1/2". Width: 21-1/2". Depth: 21".
Locality and Period: Better furniture centers from New York west to Ohio. c.1860.
Comments: Unusual tripod leg configuration for use in a corner of a room. Shaped marble shelves both upper and lower.
Price: $595.00

American Sheraton Stencil Decorated Dressing Table
Item #:
Description: Dressing table with molded, overhanging top and shaped backsplash. Single full length, hand dovetailed drawer with turned "mushroom" pulls. Turned legs terminating in arrow feet. Backsplash and drawer front having stenciled decoration in the "Hitchcock" style. Legs and table top having hand pinstripe details.
Materials: Pine. White pine secondary.
Dimensions: Height: 33-3/4". Width: 30-1/2". Depth: 15-1/2".
Locality and Period: New England. c.1810.
Comments: Delicate proportions and attention to decorative stencil design.
Price: $495.00

Victorian Walnut & Burl Marble Top Center Table
Item #:
Description: White with grey veining marble top having molded edges and canted corners. Carved and shaped skirt with burl accents. Carved and shaped base with sunflower decoration. Porcelain casters. Original paper label "Maury(?) Wolford, N.Y." on table top frame.
Materials: Walnut & walnut burl. Pine secondary. Porcelain casters.
Dimensions: Height: 28-3/4". Width: 32". Depth: 22".
Locality and Period: Labeled N.Y, c.1875.
Comments: Presenting style cues transitioning from Renaissance Revival to Eastlake. Very desirable and distinct sunflower motif on the base.
Price: $595.00

Carved Dolphin Card Table attributed to the firm of Deming & Bulkley
Item #:
Description: A very fine New York City card table with canted-corner top made of 2 hinged leaves to be rotated 90 degrees when opening to form playing surface.Top board is lavishly veneered with crotch mahogany in sunburst pattern, bordered with cross banding and having a molded edge. Skirt conforms to outline of top and is veneered on the front and sides. 2 carved gilt dolphins rise from the lower plinth to support top in front while 2 double ring & vase columns carved with acanthus leaf decoration support the rear. Dolphin legs extend from figured mahogany veneered undulating plinth at all 4 corners and retain original brass casters. Elaborate scrolls and acanthus leaf carvings between front legs and below plinth. Expert joinery including cross bracing, mortising and fine glue blocks construction of the underside are typical of better New York City workshop practices. The table exhibits exceptionally fine carved details.
Materials: Mahogany solids and veneers. Pine secondary. Brass casters.
Dimensions: Height: 29-3/4". Width: 37-7/8". Depth: 19".
Locality and Period: New York. c.1815-25
Comments: The New York Cabinetshop owned by Deming and Bulkley began importing their products into the city of Charleston in 1818 and opened a retail shop or “Ware-house” on King Street, which, by all accounts was extremely successful.The highly specialized motifs exhibited in the table’s base, most notably, the dolphin supports and feet, would strongly suggest an association with the Deming and Bulkley workshop. A recent study attributed ten card tables, containing either dolphin supports or feet, to the Deming and Bulkley workshop.
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Pair Classical Mahogany Console & Dining Tables
Item #:
Description: Pair console tables with molded, slightly overhanging single board tops having rounded front edges. Plain skirt with rounded front corners having blocks that form upper legs. Turned and carved legs tapering and terminating in feet with brass casters. The 2 tables join at the back edges to form a dining or game table.
Materials: Mahogany. Brass casters.
Dimensions: Height: 28-1/2". Width: 45". Depth: 23" (individual), 46" (joined).
Locality and Period: c.1830-40.
Comments: Highly figured single board tops making an attractive and useful pair of console tables that can be joined to form a dining or game table.
Price: ***SOLD*** 

Folk Art Adirondack Twig "Welcome Home" Table
Item #:
Description: Table with rectangular top that rests on a tripod base. Top with faux animal fur upholstery and half twig edges. Legs rough branches with stick stretchers. Coils of twig form a decorative heart shape with a carved eagle, star and "Welcome Home" on front of base. Nailed construction.
Materials: Ash, hickory & pine. Faux fur top upholstery.
Dimensions: Height: 28". Width: 21-1/2", table top 16" . Depth: 24", table top 14".
Locality and Period: Upstate New York or Northern Michigan. c.1917.
Comments: Rustic, twig, or Adirondack furniture was intended primarily for use in mountain lodges and summer resorts and homes. This unique piece has additional appeal as it was crafted to welcome home a World War I soldier with patriotic eagle and star motifs.
Price: $395.00 ***SALE*** NOW: $185.00

Mahogany Hepplewhite Pembroke Table
Item #:
Description: Table with rectangular top and 2 drop leaves that have cusped corners. Leaves are supported by brackets that swing out from skirt. Skirt unfinished under leaves; single drawer at finished narrow end has keyhole and bail pull. Legs tapered and square with inlaid banding and circle designs.
Materials: Mahogany. Satinwood inlay. Pine secondary. Iron hinges. Brass hardware.
Dimensions: Height: 28-1/4". Width: 20" (closed), 38" (open). Depth: 35-1/2".
Locality and Period: New York, New England, or Pennsylvania. c. 1820.
Comments: The term "Pembroke table" was first used in England in the 1760's and referred to small elegant tables with short rectangular leaves and were supposedly named after a Countess of Pembroke in Wales.
Price: ***SOLD***

Federal Mahogany Card Table
Item #:
Description: Card table with rectangular top having rounded corners and reeded edge. Skirt conforms to outline of top and is veneered on front and sides; narrow edge of contrasting inlaid veneer along bottom. Rear legs swing out to support opened top. Legs ring turned and tapering to arrow feet.
Materials: Mahogany solids and veneers, satinwood banding.
Dimensions: Height: 29". Width: 36". Depth: 16-1/2" closed, 33" open.
Locality and Period: Probably New York. c. 1800-10.
Comments: Card tables were never more popular than in the Federal era and followed Sheraton models with delicate lines and handsome graining before tastes changed after 1815 when card tables were produced with thicker elements. The reeded edge of this table reflects designs that were fashionable in New York and the Duncan Phyfe school.
Price: $950.00 ***SALE*** NOW: $695.00

Walnut Queen Anne Style Vitrine
Item #:
Description: Rectangular display table with hinged molded frame, glass lift-top. Framed side, front and rear glass panels that are mortised and pegged to upper legs. Straight legs, square in upper part and round below, tapering to raised pad feet. Mortised and pegged construction.
Materials: Walnut. Glass panels.
Dimensions: Height: 28". Width: 36". Depth: 24".
Locality and Period: East through Pennsylvania and Ohio. c. 1875.
Comments: Vitrine display tables and cabinets were popular in Victorian homes to display their various curiosities collections.
Price: $495.00