Top 10 Reasons To Buy Antiques

Antiques & Fine Art Are Good Investments

1. Antiques are unique objects: the perfect antidote to a world of mass production and consumerism.

2. The fine craftsmanship of antiques can add to their investment value.

3. Antiques are "green" and sustainable.

4. Art and antiques can be more than a monetary investment - they are both aesthetic and functional as part of a home or office interior.

5. A wedding gift of a quality antique is more than a present - it is a gift that will outlast more conventional presents to become a family heirloom and may increase in value.

6. A gift of an antique, or a fine painting or sculpture is the perfect way for a company to mark an anniversary, a merger, a new product launch or to recognize a leading client or staff member.

7. Companies can make a strong statement by using art and antiques as part of their office interior design.

8.The interest in art and antiques is expanding globally. Fine art and antiques are newly popular in countries with growing economies such as China, Russia, India and Southeast Asia.

9. Collectibles and celebrity memorabilia may also increase in value, especially if connected with a famous person or historic event. Some objects will, with time, become bona fide antiques.

10. Buying from established antique dealers or members of recognized trade associations, provides invaluable opportunity to learn about art and antiques from the industry experts, before purchasing/investing.