Art Glass

St. Louis France Tall Cut Crystal Decanter
Item #:
Description: Tall cut crystal decanter & stopper. Stopper lip etched "52" and makers decal on bottom.
Materials: Cut crystal.
Dimensions: Height: 15-1/2". Width: 5". Depth: 5".
Locality and Period: France.
Comments: Beautiful patterns and fine condition.
Price: $195.00***SALE, NOW: $145.00***

Signed "Lalique France" Crystal Eagle Head Hood Ornament

Item #: G5335
Description: Crystal eagle head in clear and frosted finish. Signed "Lalique France" on bottom.
Materials: Crystal.
Dimensions: Height: 4-1/2". Width: 6". Depth: 3-1/2"
Locality and Period: France. c.mid-20th Century.
Comments: Original design by Lalique for high-end automobile (Rolls Royce, LaSalle etc.) hood ornaments. No chips or flaws.
Price: ***SOLD***

Set of 6 Stemmed Multi-color, Silver Overlay 8" Champagne Flutes

Item #: RF Flutes
Description: Set of 6 colored glass stemmed champagne flutes with silver overlay decoration. One each in blue, amber, aqua, green, red & plum. Clear stems and bases. 
Materials: Colored glass with silver overlay.
Dimensions: Height: 8". 
Locality and Period:  Unknown maker. c.1900.
Comments: Unique set of champagne flutes in different stunning colors.
Price: ***SOLD***

Bohemian Large (19-1/2" tall) Signed Cut Crystal Umbrella Stand

Item #: G5301
Description: Tall cut crystal stand with intricate designs.
Materials: Cut crystal.
Dimensions: Height: 19-1/2". Width: 8-1/2". Depth: 8-1/2"
Locality and Period: Eastern Europe (Czech ?). c.1950.
Comments: Intricately cut decoration work. Signed (indistinguishable). 
Price: ***SOLD***

3 Candle Pressed Pattern Glass Candelabra
Item #:
Description: Pattern pressed glass 3 candle candelabra.
Materials: Pressed pattern glass.
Dimensions: Height: 5-1/4". Width: 8-1/4". Depth: 5".
Locality and Period: Ohio. c.1950.
Comments: No cracks or chips. 
Price: $29.00