Art Pottery

Pair McCoy Matte Green Vases
Item #:
Description: Glazed art pottery vases in matte green and tan glaze..
Materials: Glazed art pottery.
Dimensions: Height: 6-1/4". Width: 3-3/4". Depth: 3-3/4".
Locality and Period: Roseville, OH. c.1910-20.
Comments: Nice matching pair in desirable matte green glaze.
Price: $69.00 Pair

Antique Robinson Ransbottom Brush Glaze Finish Umbrella/Cane Stand
Item #:
Description: Brush glazed art pottery umbrella stand with floral side panels , top and bottom floral rings. Teal green glazed interior. Bottom marked "U.S.A.".
Materials: Glazed art pottery.
Dimensions: Height: 18". Width: 9". Depth: 9".
Locality and Period: Roseville, OH. c.1910-20.
Comments: The Robinson Ransbottom Pottery has been in operation since 1900. Its founders had close ties with the world famous art potteries of this early era, the Weller and Roseville Potteries. Nice entryway piece for holding umbrellas and canes etc.
Price: ***SOLD***

Roseville Blue "Bleeding Heart" Pattern Jardiniere & Pedestal
Item #:
Description: Glazed art pottery jardiniere with handles and matching pedestal in the polychromatic "Bleeding Heart" pattern.
Materials: Glazed art pottery.
Dimensions: Height: 25-2/4" (total). Width: 14". Depth: 12".
Locality and Period: Zanesville, OH. c.1940.
Comments: Beautiful "Bleeding Heart" pattern in Roseville Pottery blue background glaze. Glaze pops on jardiniere bottom that obstructs some factory markings.
Price: ***SOLD***

Roseville "Donatello" Pattern Art Pottery Jardiniere
Item #:
Description: Glazed art pottery jardiniere in the Roseville "Donatello" pattern. Earth tones of ivory, brown and green decoration.
Materials: Glazed art pottery.
Dimensions: Height: 9". Width: 11-1/2". Depth: 11-1/2".
Locality and Period: Ohio. c.1920.
Comments: "Donatello" was introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1916. Early "Donatello" pieces were unmarked and are highly sought by collectors. No chips or cracks.
Price: ***SOLD***

Antique Floral & Gilt Decorated Porcelain Foot Bath
Item #:
Description: Oval shaped porcelain foot bath with bulbous sides and shaped base. Applied handles. Hand decorated floral & gilt patterns on sides and handles. Unmarked bottom.
Materials: Decorated porcelain.
Dimensions: Height: 8-3/8". Width: 20". Depth: 13".
Locality and Period: Unmarked, perhaps English. c.1850-75.
Comments: Nice example of large foot bath with pleasing decoration. Very similar in design to Minton (Staffordshire, England) pieces of the period.
Price: ***SOLD***

Set of 6 Royal Czechoslovakia Mythological Plates
Item #:
Description: Set of six 6-1/2" plates with transferware mythological scenes on royal blue field with gilt borders.
Materials: Porcelain.
Dimensions: Height: 6-1/2". Width: 6-1/2".
Locality and Period: Czechoslovakia. c.1900.
Comments: Nice set of 6 plates with vivid colors.
Price: ***SOLD***

German Hand Decorated Lobster Dish
Item #:
Description: Molded dish with lobster figure between 2 serving trays. Maker's and artist's marks on bottom.
Materials: Glazed & gilt hand-decorated porcelain.
Dimensions: Height: 4-1/2". Width: 14". Depth: 10-1/4".
Locality and Period: Germany. c.1930.
Comments: Marked on bottom "Made In Germany", "7174 42", and an overglazed blue mark.  
Price: $49.00

Pair Ceramic Art Deco Lady Head Bookends
Item #:
Description: Glazed, white ceramic bookends in a stylized woman's bust design. Signed on lower back.
Materials: Glazed ceramic.
Dimensions: Height: 5". Width: 6". Depth: 4-1/2".
Locality and Period: c.1930.
Comments: Attractive busts in a stylized Art Deco fashion. No cracks or chips.
Price: ***SOLD***

McCoy Pitcher & 6 Mugs
Item #:
Description: Pitcher and 6 matching mugs.
Dimensions: Height: ". Width: ".
Price: $95.00