Art Pottery

Pair McCoy Matte Green Vases
Item #:
Description: Glazed art pottery vases in matte green and tan glaze..
Materials: Glazed art pottery.
Dimensions: Height: 6-1/4". Width: 3-3/4". Depth: 3-3/4".
Locality and Period: Roseville, OH. c.1910-20.
Comments: Nice matching pair in desirable matte green glaze.
Price: $69.00 Pair

Roseville Blue "Bleeding Heart" Pattern Jardiniere & Pedestal
Item #:
Description: Glazed art pottery jardiniere with handles and matching pedestal in the polychromatic "Bleeding Heart" pattern.
Materials: Glazed art pottery.
Dimensions: Height: 25-2/4" (total). Width: 14". Depth: 12".
Locality and Period: Zanesville, OH. c.1940.
Comments: Beautiful "Bleeding Heart" pattern in Roseville Pottery blue background glaze. Glaze pops on jardiniere bottom that obstructs some factory markings.
Price: ***SOLD***

Roseville "Donatello" Pattern Art Pottery Jardiniere
Item #:
Description: Glazed art pottery jardiniere in the Roseville "Donatello" pattern. Earth tones of ivory, brown and green decoration.
Materials: Glazed art pottery.
Dimensions: Height: 9". Width: 11-1/2". Depth: 11-1/2".
Locality and Period: Ohio. c.1920.
Comments: "Donatello" was introduced by Roseville Pottery in 1916. Early "Donatello" pieces were unmarked and are highly sought by collectors. No chips or cracks.
Price: $89.00

Antique Floral & Gilt Decorated Porcelain Foot Bath
Item #:
Description: Oval shaped porcelain foot bath with bulbous sides and shaped base. Applied handles. Hand decorated floral & gilt patterns on sides and handles. Unmarked bottom.
Materials: Decorated porcelain.
Dimensions: Height: 8-3/8". Width: 20". Depth: 13".
Locality and Period: Unmarked, perhaps English. c.1850-75.
Comments: Nice example of large foot bath with pleasing decoration. Very similar in design to Minton (Staffordshire, England) pieces of the period.
Price: $159.00

Set of 6 Royal Czechoslovakia Mythological Plates
Item #:
Description: Set of six 6-1/2" plates with transferware mythological scenes on royal blue field with gilt borders.
Materials: Porcelain.
Dimensions: Height: 6-1/2". Width: 6-1/2".
Locality and Period: Czechoslovakia. c.1900.
Comments: Nice set of 6 plates with vivid colors.
Price: $179.00 Set

German Hand Decorated Lobster Dish
Item #:
Description: Molded dish with lobster figure between 2 serving trays. Maker's and artist's marks on bottom.
Materials: Glazed & gilt hand-decorated porcelain.
Dimensions: Height: 4-1/2". Width: 14". Depth: 10-1/4".
Locality and Period: Germany. c.1930.
Comments: Marked on bottom "Made In Germany", "7174 42", and an overglazed blue mark.  
Price: $49.00

Pair Ceramic Art Deco Lady Head Bookends
Item #:
Description: Glazed, white ceramic bookends in a stylized woman's bust design. Signed on lower back.
Materials: Glazed ceramic.
Dimensions: Height: 5". Width: 6". Depth: 4-1/2".
Locality and Period: c.1930.
Comments: Attractive busts in a stylized Art Deco fashion. No cracks or chips.
Price: $95.00

McCoy Pitcher & 6 Mugs
Item #:
Description: Pitcher and 6 matching mugs.
Dimensions: Height: ". Width: ".
Price: $95.00