Antique Original Pastel Still Life signed E.T. Gibbs c.1890
Item #:
Materials: Still life pastel on paper with melons and grape bunches. Carved gilt frame with period glass.
Dimensions: Height: 19" (framed), 12" (pastel). Width: 35" (framed), 28" (pastel).
Locality and Period: American. c.1890.
Comments: Artist's Signature "E T Gibbs" Lower Right
Listed in New Bedford, Massachusetts City Directory as an "artist" in 1882, in 1891 he and William W. Braley advertised as pastel artists. Gibbs was born November 5, 1863 in New Bedford as the first child to Rosy and Matthew T. Gibbs and continued living there into the early 20th century.In 1887, he married Eleanor Wood, and in 1897, he married Nora Mixer.He died April 12, 1934 in Maumee, Ohio, having lived in Detroit, Michigan in early 1900s, and Lucas County, Ohio from 1900. He died there in Maumee on April 12, 1934.
Price: ***SOLD***

Large Kansas City Theme Mural by Adolfo Gustavo Martinez
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Description: Very Large Mural,16' Wide x 6' Tall. 4-48" wide sections on plywood panels. Vivid, vibrant colors depicting Kansas City's legendary under belly with the Power & Light Building and Union Station in the background. Adolfo Gustavo Martinez was commissioned to create this wonderful depiction of an era in which Kansas City was deeply involved in the Organized Crime World. This colorful Mural was created by Martinez, born and raised in Kansas City, his multicultural heritage, perspective and artistic depth are revealed in these narrative paintings. This Mural was originally displayed in Sutera's Restaurant in the West Bottoms of Kansas City. Years ago, Sutera’s Restaurant was a popular joint that served hot Scicilian food with an even hotter side of sports gambling. Sutera’s was a clubhouse of sorts for some of Kansas City’s most high profile mob figures. (The Pitch)
Materials: 4-48" wide plywood panels.
Dimensions: Height: 6 feet. Width: 16 feet.
Locality and Period: French. c.1990.
Comments: Kansas City themed mural by a noted Kansas City native artist. 
Price: $995.00

Original Oil on Canvas Signed & Dated "L.E. Postelle, 1840"
Item #:
Description: Original oil on canvas depicting a pastoral scene featuring a man and boy on horseback, grazing & resting livestock, woman doing wash, birds in flight, woman at cottage door etc. Signed in lower right "L.E. Postelle, 1840". Framed in carved gilt wood frame.
Materials: Oil on canvas. Gilt carved wood and gesso frame.
Dimensions: Height: 31-1/4" (framed), 24" (canvas). Width: 37" (framed), 30" (canvas).
Locality and Period: French. c.1840.
Comments: Beautifully executed painting of a bucolic countryside scene. Showing minor craquelure, without loss. 
Price: ***SOLD***

Original Antique Oil on Board Landscape Painting in Period Frame
Item #:
Description: Oil painting on board of lake scene landscape. Period carved gilt wood frame.
Materials: Oil on board. Gilt wood frame.
Dimensions: Height: 10-5/8" (framed), 8" (board). Width: 16-4/8" (framed), 14" (board).
Locality and Period: Unsigned. c,1890,
Comments: Executed in the manner of the Hudson River School. Could use a cleaning. No loss of surface.
Price: ***SALE*** WAS: $125.00, NOW: $95.00***

Original Watercolor Landscape signed "Geo. Howell Gay."
Item #:
Description: Large format watercolor painting on paper. Framed under glass in period carved gilt wood frame. Signed in lower right "Geo. Howell Gay" (George Howell Gay, American 1858-1931).
Materials: Watercolor on paper. Carved gilt wood frame with glass.
Dimensions: Height: 27" framed, 16" painting. Width: 49" framed, 38" painting.
Locality and Period: New York. c.1890-1900.
Comments: George Howell Gay (American 1858-1931) was well known for his watercolor landscapes, seascapes and paintings of rivers and ships.
Price: $495.00

English Manor & Cemetery Oil on Board Painting signed "A.A. Corfe"
Item #:
Description: Original oil on board painting of an English manor and small cemetery in foreground. Signed "A.A. Corfe" in lower right. Paper label on back with detailed location information. Nice contemporary carved wooden frame.
Materials: Oil on board. Carved wooden frame.
Dimensions: Height: 25-1/4" frame, 20" painting. Width: 29-1/2" frame, 24 painting.
Locality and Period: England. Un-dated, c.early 20th Century.
Comments: Nicely executed painting of an English Manor with a small graveyard in the foreground. Paper label on back with location information "Court Manor", "West Peckham" etc.
Price: ***SOLD***

Original Oil on Board by Louis Lampe(y)

Item #: WA165
Description: Original oil painting on board.
Materials: Oil on mahogany board. Carved wood frame.
Dimensions: Height: Frame-25", Painting-21-3/4". Width: Frame-21-1/2", Painting-18".
Locality and Period: European. c.1850-70.
Comments: Vibrant colors and detail.
Price: $2,500.00

Untitled, Signed Oil on Canvas
Item #:
Description: Untitled oil on canvas in gilt frame. Signed lower right corner "Nerissa".
Dimensions: Frame- Height: 27". Width: 31". Canvas- Height: 20". Width: 24". 
Price: ***SOLD***

Original signed Watercolor by Franz C. Gostisha
Item #:
Description: Watercolor on paper of fishing trawlers off Monterey California. Was shown at inaugural Sausalito Art Festival in 1952. Signed lower left "Franz C. Gostisha 7/50". Original frame and matting under glass.
Dimensions: Framed-Height: 19-1/2". Width: 23". Image-Height: 11". Width: 15-1/2". 
Price: $289.00