Smalls & Miscellany

Antique Hall-Borchert Dress Form Size 2 on Cast Iron Stand
Item #:
Description: Adjustable size 2 dress form on cast iron stand. Original paper maker's label on form. Turned wooden finial at top. Heavy cast iron base with cast company name and location "HALL BORCHERT CO, NEW YORK, CHICAGO".
Materials: Shaped dress form. Cast iron stand.

Dimensions: Height: 58". Width: 14". Depth: 14".
Locality and Period:  New York & Chicago. c. 1890.
Comments: Adjustable to allow seamstress to customize apparel for ladies.
Price: $269.00

Antique "Sanitary Scale Company" General Store or Grocery 3 LB. Counter-top Scale
Item #:
Description: Heavy metal base scale with copper scoop. Self calculating 3 lb. scale grid. 
Materials: Cast metal. Copper scoop.

Dimensions: Height: 15-1/5". Width: 17". Depth: 7".
Locality and Period:  Belvidere, Illinois. c. 1900.
Comments: Great addition for the general store collector.
Price: ***SOLD***

Vintage Replogle 12" Lighted Globe on Stand
Item #:
Description: 12" globe that illuminates from the interior. Brass ring support that rest in 4 leg stand.
Materials: Composite globe. Wood stand with brass cap feet.

Dimensions: Height: 36". Width: Globe 12".
Locality and Period:  Chicago. c. mid-20th century.
Comments: Very nice condition mid-20th century globe.
Price: ***SOLD***

Vintage Kodak "Vigilant Junior Six-20" Camera & Original Box
Item #:
Description: Folding camera which took images that were 6 by 9cm on 620 film. It was equipped with a simple fixed-focus Kodet meniscus lens in a Dak shutter or a 3-element Bimat lens in a Dakon shutter. The camera itself was made from a fine-grain leatherette body and featured a curved body shape in a black enamel finder. It has both a fold-down eye level frame viewfinder and a waist-level brilliant viewfinder with two tripod sockets for both portrait and landscape orientation.  
Materials: Leatherette body. Original Cardboard box.

Dimensions: Height: 13-1/2". Width: 12-1/2". Depth: 6-3/4".
Locality and Period: Rochester, NY. c.1940-48.
Comments: The Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20 is a folding camera made in the USA and Canada by Kodak from 1940 to 1948. It takes 6x9cm images on 620 film. 
Price: $49.00

Antique Oak Pipe Wall Cabinet
Item #:
Description: Hanging wall or shelf pipe cabinet with upper 6 pipe holder shelf. 2 accessory drawers. Open compartment for tobacco humidor or can. 
Materials: Solid tiger oak.

Dimensions: Height: 13-1/2". Width: 12-1/2". Depth: 6-3/4".
Locality and Period: American. c.1890.
Comments: Can be hung or placed on a shelf.
Price: $95.00

Antique Underwood & Underwood "Sun Sculpture" Stereoscope Card Hand-held Viewer
Item #:
Description: Hand held device to hold and view stereoscope cards. 
Materials: Metal eye cup. Glass optics. Wood frame & turned handle.

Dimensions: Height: 8". Width: 12-1/2". Depth: 6-7/8".
Locality and Period: New York. c.1901.
Comments: Fancy engraved metal eye cup. Clear optics. Nicely turned handle.
Price: $95.00

Antique Pair Webster Co. Sterling Silver Hair Brushes
Item #:
Description: Pair oval shaped sterling silver, bristle hair brushes. Sterling handles marked "STERLING" and having the Webster Co. hallmark. Engraved with the initials "A E T" in elegant cursive.
Materials: Sterling silver handles. bristle brush.

Dimensions: Height: 2-3/4". Width: 4-1/2". Depth: 2-1/2".
Locality and Period: North Attleboro, Massachusetts. c.1900.
Comments: Manufactured by Webster Co. in North Attleboro, Massachusetts c.1900.
Price: $59.00 Pair